Whittier Elementary/Public Space playground upgrade

Neighbors, Whittier Elementary playground is ready for an upgrade and is seeking community support. Please see below and also here: Whittier Elementary Playground Upgrade
Is the Whittier neighborhood ready for a public space upgrade?
The primary play structure on Whittier Elementary’s playground needs replacement. Whittier Elementary parents and community members in the Whittier neighborhood are applying for a grant with the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods to help fund these improvements. Whittier parents and community members are working in partnership with Seattle Public Schools to map out a grant process in support of playground upgrades, including play structure replacement, entry gates, picnic table(s), and more.
With enough community support (i.e., our volunteer hours!), the cash obligation for this project will be minimal. Volunteer hours from Whittier families and community members increase our chances for a grant award!
Over the summer a steering committee was formed. We are writing our grant proposal to the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods with a due date of September 25th. To demonstrate our volunteer commitments within the grant proposal, we are seeking volunteer pledges now through the months of August and September. There are many volunteer opportunities, from planning committees in the fall, winter and/or spring, to actual construction in June.
Please pledge your volunteer hours here to indicate your willingness to help in this exciting effort.
Attached is a flyer that we are using to advertise in the neighborhood. Feel free to use this and to forward this signup genius link to your community, and your friends and neighbors to help spread the word.
Thank you for your support. You can email the steering committee at Whittierplayground@gmail.com with any questions, concerns or encouragement.

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